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The (initial) situation

Whoever finds their way into the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum, can journey through 700 years of art history: from one of the world’s most important collections of medieval painting to highlights of the Baroque period with paintings by Rubens and Rembrandt, on to works by van Gogh, Cézanne and Munch which introduce contemporary art.  But the treasures this museum holds and displays are almost irrelevant if no one comes to see them making the pressure to innovate extremely high. In 2017, a unique opportunity to get people interested in art and back in the museum presented itself  with the first-class exhibition “Tintoretto – A Star was Born” for the artists’ 500th birthday.

Task and objectives

The development of a stimulating campaign that would reach the younger generation on their smartphones and motivate them to visit the museum.

Strategy and idea

The most direct way to get the attention of this target group is via their smartphones. That’s why we took four exhibition highlights from the museum and brought them to the streets with the AR app “Tintoretto2Go”. When viewed through a smartphone, seemingly inconspicuous poster ads in Cologne and Berlin turned into real works of art brought to life by animations and sounds, which users could then interact with and explore from completely new perspectives.

(Period of use and) results

The campaign ran parallel to the exhibition from the beginning of October to January 2018. A total of 99,062 visitors found their way into the museum exceeding all expectations: “We are very pleased about the enthusiasm with which our Tintoretto exhibition was received by such a broad audience.  The spectrum ranged from young people interested in art to avid Tintoretto lovers to experienced specialists from all over the world”, said Museum Director Marcus Dekiert. And we’re happy that we were able to contribute to this success with “Tintoretto2Go”.

Download Tintoretto2Go:

AR app for iOS / AR app for Android

Here's how it works: First download the four graphics that simulate the "real-life"poster ads. Then simply scan them with the app as you would when scanning the posters in Cologne or Berlin. Don't forget to switch off the GPS signal on your smartphone. That way you can enjoy the art tour from the comfort of your own home. Have fun!