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Synesthesia AR Concert

One in twenty has synesthesia. The phenomenon is a variation of human consciousness and not a disease. Instead, synesthetes generally benefit from these abilities and even consider it a superpower. However, children are often misdiagnosed as autistic because parents, caregivers, teachers and physicians aren’t familiar with it.
Synesthesia isn't an illness, but becomes one when it is confused with asperger’s syndrome, schizophrenia or autism. The result is incorrect medicinal or psychological treatment.
To prevent the misdiagnosis of children and unnecessary treatment with drugs and psychotherapy, the DSG needed a tool to educate caregivers and doctors. But rather than explain synesthesia, we made it visible through the eyes of those affected by it.
We launched a one-of-kind concert together with sofar sounds. Using a special coded website with integrated AR, the audience could see the same visual perceptions as Silja – in real-time. To make real-time data visualization of the music possible, we plugged a computer directly into the midi port thus making the data available on guests’ mobile phones during the concert.

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Additionally, we launched a website with information and expert interviews on the topic.

Visit the website here. (Best viewed using Chrome or Firefox.)