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Black&Decker "Social Tools"

Situation and Task

In the German market, Black&Decker faces the challenge that its products are available in fewer and fewer stores. Due to these circumstances, the brand's desire for consistent digitization has grown. Our task was to make this step visible and tangible for an urban target group that is still very much interested in DIY, but no longer in traditional hardware stores.

Strategy and Idea

People don't have to own things in order to have them:"Sharing economy" is the key word here and our idea Black&Decker "Social Tools" builds upon this. It's a concept for a smart tool cupboard for housing communities. Using an app, tools can be borrowed or reserved and an exchange with the community is possible. Even the billing is done here. It's a solution that solves a problem known to everyone. It not only digitizes the brand and products, but gives the entire industry a boost.

Implementation and Results

Essentially, it's a service and product innovation that was initially communicated in the style of a kickstarter campaign. Other components besides the app and smart tool cupboard: A film that briefly shows the concept and a landing page that explains it in depth. Here fans and interested parties were able to "support" the project and stay up-to-date on when the next step is set to begin. With "Social Tools" we didn't reinvent the tools for Black&Decker - but maybe the way we will soon use them. Together.

And together we can make it happen: